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Question   you want me to choose one!?
Alexis, I have heaps of fun putzzing around with a little camera and get a lucky shot once in a while ... I will still carry on - all the while with your images in my mind as inspiration! Thanks heaps!

- Jane Jones May 03, 2012

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Question   In awe
Alex, I love the peace in your outdoors scenery pictures; thankyou for sharing your jaw-dropping work. The copy of Vermilion/Wave I picked up at In2In lights up the room and holds my attention so I can never just walk by.

- John Morgan May 03, 2012

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Question   Photography
Hi Alexis!
Wow! Your photos are exquisite! Thank you for sharing your gift! Glad to know we are related, even if it is a tiny bit!
Angela Huber

- Angela Huber February 11, 2012

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Question   the entire body of work
Kudos to you, Lexie. It's evident that you've truly followed your bliss by all the beautiful shots you have created. Thanks for sharing that love with us.

- Uncle Chris Ziaskas February 07, 2012

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Question   website
Good organization of the site and a very nice gallery.

- Ron Pauckert January 04, 2012

  Answer Thank you Ron! I value your input. You're very kind and I'm glad to know you.

- Alexis Burkevics  January 05, 2012

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